Mujeres emprendedoras en el periodismo digital

Recientemente hemos publicado un artículo que analiza las diferencias entre los emprendimientos digitales promovidos por mujeres y los promovidos por hombres. Hemos encontrado diferencias muy interesantes. Este es el resumen del artículo:

The objective of this research is to identify whether any differences exist between journalistic start-ups including and not including women within their founders and editorial team. Four hundred and fifty-six digital news media registered in the directory SembraMedia were analysed. SembraMedia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the diversity and quality of Spanish language content in Hispanic-America by helping digital media entrepreneurs become more sustainable and successful. The results of this study reveal that digital media which include women cover socially sensitive issues and give visibility to the most marginalised groups; they go to more diversified sources of income and more participatory governance systems; and they offer more deliberate and reflective information, less dependent on immediacy and topicality.

Puedes encontrar el artículo completo en:

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